Software and Application Development

Should they be be enterprises, public administration, or foreign partners,there are numerous unique areas with special operational requirements for which only specifically designed and developed applications based on customer demand provide complete solutions. Our experts have several years of development and project experience, as well as prestigious vendor certificates in leading software development technologies and tools: software written in Microsoft .Net, based on thin and thick web client technologies, SQL reporting based custom software, Java, Java EE platform applications, PHP and MySQL environment, developments performed in SharePoint and Office environments, PowerBuilder expertise.

Quality execution of complex software development tasks requiring high level of expertise is regarded as our mission. Customer and task orientation are the guiding principles of our development process, our development methodology guarantees the handover of software satisfying the highest standards, based on special requirements, ensuring the financial benefit of the customer. Development process by no means ends with the handover of the product. Prior to production deployment, our qualified and experienced technical team provides 24/7 support coverage.

IT Operations and Operational Support

Most commonly our customers lack the financial, technical, and human resources that are necessary to run and manage software solutions at a high standard. By resorting customers’ problems to our IT operation service we provide, our customers are relieved from the burdens of performing tasks, which are possibly out of their company profile. These tasks are often related to the upkeep of an often costly backend infrastructure and is not only limited to maintenance but safe daily operation should be carried out backing up data, and conducting post-deployment upgrades. We provide all of these necessities. IT ops duties are taken over and provisioned relying on our enterprise operations methodology.

ASP Services

Our self-operated highly available server infrastructure makes serving of web application services possible. In case of ASP services, the ASP center takes ownership and operational duty of a variety of software appliances and hardware, so users with remote access can consume these services in ’Software as a Service’ (SaaS) mode. Experts responsible for the operation and maintenance of infrastructure and services are employed by the ASP center, also making sure that both software and its backend infrastructure are always up-to-date.

Software Testing

Comprehensive testing of applications is crucial in the production of quality software. During the testing phase, user experience, security, and performance are all taken into account to make sure that the provided solution meets customer requirements. Experienced colleagues provide independent testing of the third-party software and applications employing functional, E2E, regression testing techniques, as well as the most modern automated testing methods.

Quality Assurance

We undertake the supervision and quality assurance of software and applications designed by third parties in order to guarantee thatnewly introduced or refactored solutions supplied to our clients are totally secure and of impeccable quality.

IT Consulting and Project Management

Our well-trained, broadly experienced specialists are able to get involved in any phase of a “foreign” development project from design to handover and contribute to the successful completion of the project or even to the continuation envisaged in another scope by providing appropriate professional control on the customer side. As part of ad hoc or even long-term outsourcing, our application development and project management staff provide our clients with a flexible support service that adapts to the current resource needs.

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