ASH Software House

In order to solve our partners business needs arising from special operational requirements, we provide tailor-made, creative, innovative software solutions design, development, and support. We are proud of forming long term, deeply confidential business relationships with clients from both public and private sectors, firmly based on mutual satisfaction.

GDPR Compliance Application

Data Controller and Processor Record and Workflow System. With the help of our in-house developed DATINF system, our customers are able to fulfil record keeping obligations emerging from data controller and data processor activities in a simple, concise, and structured manner in full compliance with GDPR and related regulations.

ASH-QSD Software Development Methodology

Our trademarked development methodology is a software development and publishing process ensuring customer experience, customer oriented attitude, and extraordinary quality right from the start of the project.

About us

ASH Software House Ltd. was established in 2012 by Hungarian private individuals.

Our mission is to supply our partners with complete solutions for a wide range of general and field-specific IT need by providing quality services. We mainly specialize in design, development, and support of custom-made software solutions. Due to the constantly maintained highest standards of quality work provided by our company, we have formed confidential, long term relationships with several of our clients.

Customer focus is the main guiding principle of our software development process, which is ensured by the exertion of our own trademarked development methodology. Applications developed by us are covered by comprehensive 24/7 support provided by qualified and seasoned experts.

Expertise of our co-workers guarantees that customers are always offered the most appropriate custom IT solution in any IT environment, relying on only the most advanced software development tools and technologies. Stability and high quality of our services is warranted by adherence to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN ISO 27001 standards.

Since establishment, company headquarters is located at 97 Budafoki str, Budapest 1117, Hungary.

CEO’s Greetings‍‍

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of ASH Szoftverház Kft., where you can read up-to-date information about our company’s activities, novelties, and about our current innovative development projects.

For many years now, we have been successfully implementing customized applications with modern, professional technologies by using our own, proven development methodology, based on our partners' needs.

My colleagues and I are ready to find the best solution for your IT needs together with you!

Contact us and together we surely will make your unique ideas a success!

Yours sincerely,
Debrődy István

Establishing work-life balance for all of our employees is a basic value in our mindset.

What else can we provide?

Stable background

Tools to address all necessities are at our disposal to keep your everyday mood in good shape.

Expertise, motivation, innovation

Our deeply knowledgable expert colleagues constantly contribute towards professional development of teams thanks to our mentoring program. Great atmosphere and an inspiring community prompt everyone to achieve proficiency.

Homely atmosphere

Atmosphere in the office is truly familiar. We try to steer clear of toxic corporate culture as much as possible. Multiple recreational activities are available both in and outside of office.

Flexible working arrangement

You can work in the office, from home , or even alternately. The choice is yours.

All career opportunities


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1117 Budapest Budafoki út 97.
+36 1 353 9790
The entrance is on Prielle Kornélia street, have a look at the map please.